Singapore: the CNRS opens CNRS@CREATE, its first overseas subsidiary

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) has strengthened its presence in Singapore by partnering the Campus for Research And Technological Enterprise (CREATE) of the National Research Foundation (NRF).  CNRS@CREATE Ltd, which is CNRS’ first overseas subsidiary, will work with Singapore’s universities, research institutions, and CREATE’s international partners to conduct research and application of technologies in areas that are relevant to Singapore’s social and economic needs. Its inauguration took place in the presence of CNRS Chairman and CEO Antoine Petit on 25 June 2019.

With four International Research Laboratories located in Singapore, the CNRS benefits from a large scientific presence within the country. "Asia is a scientific driving force with several poles, including Singapore," says Patrick Nédellec, Director of the Europe of Research & International Cooperation Department of the CNRS (DERCI). After setting up a representative office in Asia in 2014, the following year the CNRS organized a major conference bringing together all its laboratories in Asia.  "For our Singaporean partners, this was proof of CNRS's investment in Singapore. ", he emphasizes. " With the support of NRF, the first CNRS subsidiary abroad: CNRS@CREATE Ltd, was created" adds Dominique Baillargeat, its Scientific Executive Director.

Designed as a program operator to build and to conduct large transdisciplinary research programs, CNRS@CREATE Ltd is therefore integrated into CREATE. The latter develops international research collaborations through massive funding of major programs carried out between internationally renowned university partners. " CNRS is the first research organisation to be part of CREATE, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration", says Jean-Yves Marzin, director of the CNRS Institute of Engineering Sciences and Systems (INSIS), and in charge for the CNRS of the CNRS@CREATE program.

 Inauguration of CNRS@CREATE

Inauguration of CNRS@CREATE

Our objective is to build CNRS@CREATE as a trans-continental hub for research with unique opportunities for high quality faculty, researchers and postgraduate/postdoctoral students. "CNRS@CREATE Ltd also represents an additional tool for the CNRS in its transfer policy, while CREATE promotes the development of research programs that generate value through intellectual property and the creation of start-ups, a technology transfer that can be supported by French industrials, which are widely present in Singapore", comments the subsidiary's director.

CNRS@CREATE will serve the following purposes:

  • to strengthen France and Singapore's global position in the areas of research of the highest potential for present and future society.
  • to create unique initiatives in transdisciplinary research of excellence and technology development which would not exist under normal circumstances or within a single country or institution.
  • to support translational research and innovation for promoting exploitation of research results. Direct industry participation in research projects is encouraged to ensure efficient transformation of research results into innovative products

As an interdisciplinary, agile and responsive system, this first CNRS subsidiary is at the heart of CNRS's new international strategy. This promising model could give the organization new ambitions. For Patrick Nédellec, "CNRS@CREATE Ltd allows us to develop new know-how. I see it as a pilot operation that can be transferred to other countries ready to invest massively, such as Singapore”.

What type of research funding?

Interdisciplinary programs
5 years
Principal Investigators : 1 year in Singapore

Key assessment criteria
Scientific excellence – Technological novelty (main criteria)
Excellence of the research team
Disruptive and Transdisciplinary programs
High potential impact for Singapore - Opportunities to address global challenges
Strong support from local agencies
In accordance with RIE 2025 Singapore
In accordance with the CNRS strategy

Intra-Create Projects
3 years
Thematic calls: 1 - 2 / year
Principal Investigators : 7 months in Singapore

This initiative seeks to foster the formation of multi-disciplinary teams across 2+ research programmes/institutions of CREATE to achieve greater impact through synergistic research efforts on topics of relevance to Singapore.

Seed-Funding Projects
18 months
White calls: 1 - 2 / year
Principal Investigators: a minimum of 25% of their time to the Intra-CREATE Seed project

The objective is to initiate new collaborations between 2 early career* CREATE investigators
Less than 8 years of experience since their PhD

CNRS@CREATE investigators are eligible to other NRF or Singaporean calls

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How to apply ?

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