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Eco Solutions 1 (ES-1)
CS_A gasification

Papers (Click title for abstract)

Y. Cheng, W. Zhang, G. Guan, C. Fushimi, A. Tsutsumi, C.H. Wang, Numerical studies of solid–solid mixing behaviors in a downer reactor for coal pyrolysis, Powder Technology, 2014, vol. 253, pp. 722–732.

Y. Cheng, C.H. Wang, Numerical study on coal gasification in the downer reactor of a triple bed combined circulating fluidized bed, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, vol. 53 (16), pp. 6624–6635.

T. Maneerung, S. Kawi, C.H. Wang, Biomass gasification bottom ash as a source of CaO catalyst for biodiesel production via transesterification of palm oil, Energy Conversion and Management, 2015, vol. 92, pp. 234–243.

L. Rong, T. Maneerung, J. C. Ng, K. G. Neoh, B. H. Bay, Y. W. Tong, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, Co-gasification of sewage sludge and woody biomass in a fixed bed downdraft gasifier: Toxicity assessment of solid residues, Waste Management, 2015, vol. 36, pp. 241-255. [Joint paper].

Z. Ong, Y. Cheng, T. Maneerung, Z. Yao, Y. Dai, Y.W. Tong, C.H. Wang, Co-gasification of woody biomass and sewage sludge in a fixed bed downdraft gasifier, AIChE Journal, 2015, vol. 61, 2508-2521. [Joint paper]. 

Y. Cheng, L. Lee, W. Zhang, C.H. Wang, Investigation on Electrostatic Charging and Its Effect on Mixing of Binary Particles in a Vibrating bed, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, vol. 53, pp. 14166−14174.

P. H. Gao, Y. J. Dai, Y. W. Tong, P. W. Dong, Energy matching and optimization analysis of waste to energy CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) system with exergy and energy level, Energy, 2015, vol. 79, pp. 522-535. [Joint paper].

P. H. Gao, W. L. Li, Y. P. Cheng, Y. W. Tong, Y. J. Dai, R. Z. Wang. Thermodynamic performance assessment of CCHP system driven by different composition gas, Applied Energy, 2014, vol. 136, pp. 599-610. [Joint paper].

T. Maneerung, J. Liew, Y. Dai, S. Kawi, C. Chong, C.H. Wang, Activated carbon derived from carbon residue from biomass gasification and its application for dye adsorption: kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamic studies,  Bioresource Technology, vol. 200, pp. 350–359 (2016). [Joint paper].

Z. Yang, S.K. Koh, N.W. Cheng, C.J.R. Lim , Y. Shen, C. Chong, T.W. Tan, Y.W. Tong, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, Potential Application of Gasification to Recycle Food Waste and Rehabilitate Acidic Soil from Secondary Forests on Degraded Land in Southeast Asia, Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 172, pp. 40-48 (2016). [Joint paper]

X. Zhen, L. Rong, W.C. Ng, C. Ong, G. H. Baeg, W. Zhang, S.N. Lee, S.F.Y. Li, Y. Dai, Y.W. Tong, K.G. Neoh, C.H. Wang, Rapid toxicity screening of gasification ashes, Waste Management, vol. 50, 93-104 (2016). [Joint paper]

S. You, Z. Yang, and C.-H. Wang, Toward understanding drug release from biodegradable polymer microspheres of different erosion kinetics modes, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, vol. 105 (6), pp. 1934-1946.

Lin J, Thu K, Bui TD, Wang RZ, Ng KC, Chua KJ, Study on dew point evaporative cooling system with counter-flow configuration, Energ Convers Manage, 2016, vol. 109, pp. 153-65. [Joint paper].

Jain, S., Jain, S., Wolf, I. T., Lee, J., Tong, Y. W., A comprehensive review on operating parameters and different pretreatment methodologies for anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Dec 2015, vol. 52, pp. 142-154.

T. Maneerung, S. Kawi, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, Sustainable Biodiesel Production via Transesterification of Waste Cooking Oil by using CaO Catalysts Derived from Chicken Manure, Energy Management and Conversion, vol. 123, pp. 487–497 (2016). [Joint paper].

S. You, W. Wang, Y. Dai, Y. W. Tong, C.H. Wang, Comparison of the co-gasification of sewage sludge and food wastes and cost-benefit analysis of gasification- and incineration-based waste treatment schemes, Bioresource Technology, vol. 218, pp. 595-605 (2016). [Joint paper] October 2016.

P. Dong, T. Maneerung, W.C. Ng, X. Zhen, Y. Dai, Y.W. Tong, Y.P. Ting, S.N. Koh, C.H. Wang, K.G. Neoh, Chemically treated carbon black waste and its potential applications, J. Hazardous Material, vol. 321, pp. 62-72 (2017). [Joint paper] January 2017.

X. Zhen, W.C. Ng, Fendy, Y. W. Tong, Y. Dai, K.G. Neoh, C.H. Wang, “Toxicity assessment of carbon black waste: a by-product from oil refineries”, J. Hazardous Material, vol. 321, pp. 600-610 (2017). [Joint paper] January 2017.

S. You, YW Tong, K.G. Neoh, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, “On the Association between Outdoor PM2.5 Concentration and the Seasonality of Tuberculosis for Beijing and Hong Kong”, Environmental Pollution, vol. 218, 1170-1179, (2016). [Joint paper] November 2016

Y.P Cheng, Z. Thow, C.H. Wang, Biomass Gasification with CO2 in a Fluidized Bed, Powder Technology, vol. 296, pp. 87-101 (2016). August 2016

Zheng J, Lee YK, Babu P, Zhang P, Linga P. Impact of fixed bed reactor orientation, liquid saturation, bed volume and temperature on the clathrate hydrate process for pre-combustion carbon capture. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 2016. [Joint paper] September

Q. Chen, K. Thu, T.D. Bui, Y. Li, K.C. Nga, K.J.Chua, Development of a model for spray evaporation based on droplet analysis, Desalination, 2016, vol. 399, pp. 69-77. [Joint paper]

Q. Chen, Y. Li, K.J. Chua, On the thermodynamic analysis of a novel low-grade heat driven desalination system, Energy Conversion and Management, 2016, vol. 128, pp. 145–159. [Joint paper] November 2016.

Lin J, Thu K, Bui TD, Wang RZ, Ng KC, Kumja M, Unsteady-state analysis of a counter-flow dew point evaporative cooling system, Energy, 2016, vol. 113, pp. 172-85. [Joint paper] October 2016.

CS_A Wasteheatutilize

Patents (Click title for patent description)

Self-cooling type solid desiccant cooling dehumidification air-conditioning system (CN 102721133 B), 2014. Publication date 10 Dec 2014, Filing date 6 Jul 2012自冷式固体干燥剂降温除湿空调系统

Solar-powered regenerative heat drying solid desiccant air conditioning system and method of operation(CN105805869A),2016, Publication date July 27,2016, Filing date Mar 28,2016. 太阳能驱动的回热式固体干燥除湿空调系统及运行方法.

Single and Double effect solar-driven chiller LiBr coupling (CN 103292513 B), 2013. Publication date Aug 26, 2015, Filing date May 3, 2013. 太阳能驱动单双效耦合型溴化锂制冷机.

Regenerative desiccant heat pump system with desiccant coated heat exchanger and the operation strategy(CN105757836A), 2016, Publication date July 13,2016, Filing date Mar 28,2016.基于除湿换热器的再生除湿热泵系统及其运行方法.

Regenerative desiccant heat pump with heat recovery and the operation strategy(CN105805868A), 2016, Publication date July 27,2016, Filing date Mar 28,2016.再生回热除湿热泵系统及其运行方法.

Air source heat pump system with low temperature indoor terminals for space heating and cooling(CN103307674A/B), 2013, Publication date June 01, 2016, Filing date May 22, 2013. 空气源热泵结合小温差换热末端的热泵空调系统.

Waste heat driven air conditioning air system and method of operation (CN 105841267 A), 2016. Publication date Aug 10, 2016, Filing date Mar 28, 2016. 废水余热驱动式空调新风系统及其运行方法.

Waste heat driven dry cold air conditioning system and method of operation (CN 105841268 A), 2016. Publication date Aug 10, 2016, Filing date Mar 28, 2016. 废水余热驱动式干风冷水空调系统及其运行方法.

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