Grand Projet exhibition at the URA

Event Date:
29 Aug 2019 09:00 AM - 11 Sep 2019 06:00 PM
Event Venue:
Singapore City Gallery (URA Centre)

The exhibition at the Singapore City Gallery at the URA presents the outcomes of the Grand Projet research project at the Future Cities Laboratory, based on a comparative analysis of eight urban mega project case studies in Asia and Europe. It also brings in the perspectives of a broad range of stakeholders involved in the making of Grands Projets.

With a focus on the spatial practices of Grands Projets, the research aims to not only broaden the scholarship of urban mega projects but also to provide applicable insights for planners, managers, policymakers and other urban actors.

Additionally, the research, as exhibited and presented in a book, seeks to provide in-depth knowledge for those interested in a particular city or case study and new comparative urban studies.

With these intentions, the body of work speaks to multiple audiences about the possibilities Grands Projets offer for creating more inclusive and adaptable urban conditions.